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For the Love of Hair Individual Courses

For those who can't afford the entire workshop OR if there are specific courses you prefer to take rather than attend the full 4 weeks, we are happy to offer you individual courses.

This class will run for 4 weeks covering all the basics of working with loose and loc'd Natural Hair. 

Book your spot on www.afrodisiacnaturals.com or call 780-242-8059

View the courses from the list below, pay, register stating the name of the class on the form OR state which class during check out and attend on the corresponding date. 

WEEK 1. Natural hair theory/History of Black Hair 
WEEK 2. Loose Natural theory (hair biology, anatomy of a curl, washing, conditioning and care, tangling and detangling) 
WEEK 3. Twists (Parting, 4 types of twists)
WEEK 4. Braids (simple corn rows, plaits) 
WEEK 5. Anatomy of a Loc (what is a loc? History of locs, social perceptions, misconceptions) - 
WEEK 6. Sizing and patterning (how to pattern locs, determining sizes, loc start methods) 
WEEK 7. Palm rolling, interlocing, and crocheting 
WEEK 8. Styling